How to Find a Cash Home Buyer in Sacramento, Stockton or Modesto

Who Buys Houses In Sacramento, Stockton and Modesto and Pays Cash?

It really isn’t a trick question, but the answer may surprise you because it goes against the Conventional Wisdom of most real estate people. Let’s face it, we all have our own biases and if a real estate agent heard you say “I just want to Sell My Sacramento House” as is, they would be thinking listing agreement and 6% commission because it’s in their best interest. Not necessarily yours.

It is still a struggle to get most sellers linked up directly to the right buyers because if you just wanted to sell your house in Sacramento Fast for cash and without a real estate agent or their commissions, you would probably need to do the leg work yourself. I don’t think that they would recommend a Sacramento Cash Home Buyer to you directly or even explain that it is a very viable option. But in today’s real estate Market Cash home Buyers are more viable than ever. Cash Home Buyers Saved the Sacramento housing market when the bubble burst in 2008.

So What is a Cash Home Buyer in Sacramento? Where Do I Find Them?

A cash home buyer in Sacramento by any other name is a Sacramento real estate investor. It is a pretty simple definition. If you wanted to find one years ago, you could pick up the yellow pages and look for a Cash Home Buyer in Sacramento or Sacramento Real Estate Investor and there might be an advertisement. But most likely, in the old days, we were found by referral from a real estate agent with a pocket listing that wanted to make a fast commission without ever listing the house. We were found by word of mouth from someone that knew that we had money and bought houses for cash. It’s not as common today but it happens and I am always grateful for a referral.

Today, with the advent of the internet and the proliferation of tablets and smartphones, everyone has access to the deepest recesses of business searches no matter how obscure they may be. Everything has changed and yet most people just dont know where to look.  Based on the number results found by Google , you would think that there is an abundance of Sacramento Cash Home Buyers or from the number of results that Google dishes up, you would think that they are perched on every street corner. Don’t be fooled or intimidated, there are a lot of names but NOT a lot of real Cash Home Buyers.

How do I know? Because eventually, they all call me.

Here is the real story. You do a search and you make a call. If you get me directly that is great. If not, the chances are whoever you called will call me when it’s time to actually buy your house. Not all Cash Home buyers in Sacramento are actually Cash Home Buyers. Some are really just  wholesalers and they try to get between you and me to carve out a finders fee to sell your house. What’s the catch? They dont have the cash to buy the house so they assign it to me. I would prefer that you call me to avoid a lot of the nonsense and confusion.

Why Is Google So Important to Peter Westbrook?

Let me explain…  Google is by far the most widely used search engine in the world. If you want to find something,  just “Google it”. When you do, the results can be overwhelming. Believe it or not Google always tries to deliver to you the best information, but its priority is to the first 3 or 4 paid ads that Google delivers first.

No matter what the subject matter, the first results to appear are the three or four Advertising based listings that Google presents because they are paid for ads. The companies that buy them are generally not local, and are not providing any real expertise locally. They do not engage you by writing local how to articles offering any advice to you. Google doesn’t mind and hopes that you click on the ads because that’s how Google generates revenue. They are robotic by nature and the ad disappears once a certain number of clicks have been achieved. The people that answer the advertisers phones and emails are in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago or even the Philippines. They are not here locally for you and they are not experts in the Sacramento Real Estate Market.

Where to Find the Real Cash Home Buyer in Sacramento

The next 10 results that Google presents are the top 10  organic listings for the Cash Home Buyers in Sacramento. Google knows that these companies best satisfies your search request. These are the companies that Google has determined by content of their Website and years in business are the best authorities on the subject matter being searched.  Sometimes you will notice a Zillow or other large real estate company takes that number one spot. Sometimes it will be my company, My listing is there because I am a local authority on Sacramento Cash Home Buyers and real estate investors in Sacramento. I show up because I work very hard to be a contributor for all kinds of search terms when someone is looking a Cash Home Buyer in Sacramento or Sacramento Real Estate Investors.

Have you ever wondered why companies write numerous articles describing How to Do this or that, when it comes to complicated real estate issues or maybe renovating a house? it is because it is what I do for a living. Let me restate that, I write articles about the  Sacramento real estate market and problem houses in Sacramento because I am a real estate investor, a We Buy Houses in Sacramento Company and I want you to find me, get to know me and ultimately Call me or text me. It is because I am I am also an expert buying houses in Sacramento for Cash. I am an expert at renovating sacramento houses and it is what Google expects if it’s going to rank my website in the top 10 so that you can find me.

I strive for the best content and I work at being an authority of my subject material. It should be no secret that in order in order to play the game, Google has forced all of us that are serious about being found, to become an authoritative writer on the subjects of Selling my House in Sacramento, We Buy Houses in Sacramento and Buying Houses that are UGLY in Sacramento.

Make no mistake, while I might be fairly good at it, it takes practice without my grammar school training from St. Annes School and Sister Ramona in Lodi California it might be different. If you are asking why is Peter off on a tangent about education, writing and Google, it’s because they are all tied together and it’s why you are reading this article. I have been forced to use education to connect with people that need to sell my Sacramento House. As a writer. I am compelled to convince you that I am smart enough, experienced enough and committed enough to pull that off.

Let me put it another way, I need the help of Google so that you can find me in a crowded space. I am hoping that this is a win-win so that we can move to step 2, where I get to meet you because you call, text or email me.

After all, convincing you that I am the best at what I do, by sitting at my keyboard every morning at 5:30 am while my competitors sleep is important to me. Sleep? Not so much, as I am honing my writing skills so I can be prepared to talk with you personally when you call me. By the way I answer my own phone and if I am busy it goes to my personal voicemail and I RETURN my OWN Calls. I am proud of the fact that I have one phone number and it is the same number that MOM, (84 now) calls me at. The same number. One more thing…. when I answer my phone I am never going to call you Dude…. EVER.

So here is the crux and purpose of today’s article. If you are stuck with any of these house problems, I am the expert that you are looking for. I have over 10 years experience helping hundreds of families and houses that have serious real estate issues that need to be addressed quickly.

If you are in any of the following situations, we can help you by Buying your house in Sacramento for Cash…

When you call us, we’ll listen to your individual circumstances. We tailor at least one and possibly two exit strategies that make sense for you. We hire the Title Company and pay the title insurance and all of closing cost. We shuttle paperwork back and forth and and we make sure that all of the i’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed. It is all bout the details so that we can close when we say and when you are paid you are done. Whether you are living in the house or it’s vacant or you have tenants, we will give you world class advice and fair cash offer.

We Buy Houses in Sacramento

Unlike a real estate agents that are middlemen, Cash Home Buyers actually Buy Houses in Sacramento for Cash. We have a vested interest in satisfying your needs based on the opportunity to solve your real estate issues and concerns. Real Estate Agents dont buy houses, Real Estate Investors in Sacramento do. We are not attorneys, but we understand real estate law and we hire real estate attorney’s when we need to enter the legal realm. The difference is that I dont charge a fee for my services and yet I am the person whom a number of real estate attorneys call if they have a client with a serious real estate issue. Sometimes the best way to resolve a complicated real estate issue is to just sell the house.

We Make Selling Simple.

We help property owners just like you, in all kinds of situations.  From divorce, foreclosure, death of a family member, burdensome rental property, and all kinds of other situations.  If you are asking yourself how to “Sell My Sacramento House Fast”?

The answer is that Peter Westbrook does…. I buy houses in Sacramento and the surrounding area. No matter what the condition of your house – your situation – or time frame,  you can Sell your House Fast and without a real estate agent. Most people that have problem properties just want to understand the process, the structure and the exit strategy. They want to know cost and how much they will receive if they just sell.

Real estate agents want the whole dog and pony show. They want you to clean up, make repairs and updates, and then put a sign in your yard  and parade as many people as they can through the house until someone buys. If you happen to own a house with significant issues that can cost you tens of thousands of dollars and take several months. During that time you pay the mortgage, the interest, the property taxes and the utilities.

Most people that have these types of houses simply have lives that are too busy to take the time to do all of things that typically need to be done to prepare a house to sell on the market… if that describes you, just let us know about the property you’d like to be rid of and sell your house fast for cash to us.

“So… If you want to Find the Premier Cash Home Buyer in Sacramento, “Just Google it” or go to or”

If you prefer to talk to me personally before submitting your property information just give me a call today at (209)481-7780. My goal is to help make your life easier and to get out from under that house that’s holding you back.

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Peter Westbrook

Peter Westbrook is a local Cash Home Buyer / Real Estate Investor in Stockton, Sacramento and Modesto CA and Tulsa Oklahoma. He has written numerous real estate articles that have been published here and by other blog and news outlets. Peter has appeared on several local and national news reports regarding the state of the Stockton and Sacramento Real Estate Markets.

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