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Sell My House Fast Stockton Closing is Everything

In Real Estate Closing is Everything. Sales is all about checks, contracts. You really can’t have one without the other and I suspect that from the beginning of time there have always been some people that have been more motivated than others to get things done. When I first started in sales roughly 35 years … Continued

How To Figure Out The Cost to Fix a House In Sacramento

If it were only that simple… Thank you HGTV and every other Do it yourself home improvement show in the universe that details how to figure out the cost to fix a house In Sacramento. Listen carefully, because contrary to the shows… purchasing a fixer-upper property may be an excellent way to generate quick profits … Continued

Finding good investment properties in Stockton

Real estate is like no other industry, has always made its share of millionaires and that may be why so many people are looking to get started in real estate investing. As an active real estate investor in Stockton and Sacramento, we get asked to talk about what we do frequently. Fortunately, I like to share. … Continued