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Buying a House As is is Nothing new… Buying Houses without Inspections however…?

When I was young I loved the circus, there was always so much action everywhere. You had the center ring with everything going on, then there were the side shows… there was always something to see. I mention it because selling a house is much like a Circus and if you buy a house without an inspection, every once in a while you’re going to have to put a circus tent over a house that has termites. I know because over the past 10 years I have had to fumigate at least 8 houses. That comes out to less than 5%. That is a lot of houses and a lot of families and never once did I ever back out of  a purchase or say that I regretted any purchase for an inspection item.

In my business you have to take the good with the bad, so when I say that we buy houses with out inspections, it is because it’s true. We also pay closing cost and we dont charge a commission to buy your house.

Real Estate Agents Don’t Buy Houses

I am not a real estate agent, so when I put on my Stockton Real Estate Investor hat, I dont represent anyone’s interest except my own. I am upfront about that. That is a huge difference between me an a real estate agent. The second difference is that real estate agents Do NOT Buy Houses. Heck, I am not even sure that they really sell them. In fact I know that they dont, because most can’t negotiate a contract (they dont have the authority) although I have seen some of them try, and the rest are not convincing you to do something that you haven’t already decided to do. Sure the good ones become experts and advisers, but sales people… I not convinced. Maybe the best actual portrayal is that the best real estate agents are just really good marketeers.

Regardless of what I believe or anyone else believes, buying houses is distinctly different than selling them and when a buyer says that they will pay cash and that they will not order inspections, that is valuable. It is that simple. When I buy Houses in Stockton, Sacramento or Modesto, I will always error on the side of the homeowner. I do so because you’re providing me with the opportunity and it’s just to easy for me to be honest. It is easy for me to say that no one house is going to have a negative defining effect on what I do. It’s is just to easy for me to just walk away rather than create a problem. So when I make an offer on a house you can take it to the bank.

In life, the old adage is, that there are two certainties; Death and Taxes.  If you are selling a house, there many more certainties and in this article and Video I want to focus on at least three that are the most common. Inspections, Appraisals and Disclosures. Hence the title of my latest Video and Blog Post… ” We Buy Houses Without Inspections Stockton, Sacramento and Modesto“.

Every time I tell someone that I get the same strange look. Like what is the catch? Are you CRAZY? No, I am not crazy. In fact as Sheldon on says on the Big Bang Theory, I am NOT Crazy, My Mother had me tested. What I am however is a cash home buyer in Stockton with a lot of experience and when I buy a house in Stockton I know pretty much what I am getting into.

What I know about buying houses may surprise you

There is a lot that I know. I know that if your house was built over 70 years ago and it has never been updated that I am going to have to do a massive amount of work. I also know that you as the seller are not going to sell your house to me if I just low ball you an offer. No, it’s not because I am afraid that I am going to offend you. It is because the market is very competitive and if I am determined to buy a house, even if you are unrealistic about what you think it is worth, I am going to respect that by offering the most that I can. It is that simple. I dont operate off of percentages. I dont get paid commissions. I get paid when I do my job and add value to a house that someone else recognizes. It is really that simple.

We Buy Houses Without Inspections in Stockton

This is what I know when I say We Buy Houses without Inspections… Your house is a ticking time bomb with problems, and the older it is the more likely the problems will arise. So when you ask who buys houses that need work?  Know that we have been buying houses in Stockton for over 10 years and I know what I am getting into. Our offers are real and there is NO Catch for the homeowner. It is a pretty simple formula: Fair Market Value Minus the Cost of the repairs and that means that as cash home buyers we are waiving any and all contingencies for inspections and appraisals. You may have just discovered the Goose that laid the Golden Egg. It is rare and in Real Estate it is the best of the best.

Certainly the devil is in the details, but I want you to absorb what that really means. If someone offers you fair market value for your house minus the cost of repairs and you can avoid the appraisals and inspections then not only do you get to shorten your closing time frame and your holding cost, you get to minimize the chances that the deal will fall apart at any one of the steps along the way by someone that has never even seen your house.

5 Standard Contract Items that Cost Time, Money, Anxiety and a lot of Home Sales to Fall Apart;

Inspections are Deal Killers

Here is the rest of the story.  98 percent of all buyers order at least one inspection and the average buyers sees two or three. In today world, we have a lot more buyers that are NOT very handy. They want to move into a house that is virtually problem free. I can’t say that I blame them, but when I buy a house I have no such expectation. When I sell them however, my houses are generally subject to multiple inceptions, including the brand new homes that I build from the ground up.  I can tell you horror stories regarding bad inspections, buyers wanting everything fixed and sellers wondering how they are ever going to sell a house in Stockton, Sacramento and Modesto.

It is not a new phenomenon. It is a realty in the home selling marketplace for buyers and sellers and at We Buy Houses Stockton and Westbrook REI, we just want to streamline and simplify the process.

Sell My House in Stockton Fast

It can be expensive and time consuming to sell a house on your own and with a real estate agent. Fortunately, you can skip the costs and effort of cleaning up, fixing and even updating your house, and you don’t even have to show your house to anyone, or wait months while you try to find a buyer! You can sell your house directly to us at Westbrook REI, as quickly as you want! YOU Save thousands of dollars in repairs and bills, and skip all the hassles of buyers that back out or lenders that change their minds. Just call our office at (209) 481-7780 and tell us about the property or click here now and tell us how quickly you want to sell. We’ll give you a fair all-cash offer to buy your house as quickly as you’d like.

My name is Peter Westbrook and I am a local real estate investor located in Stockton, Manteca, Modesto and Sacramento. I am the best at what I do because I work at it everyday. Certainly there are other cash home buyers in the area and some are even local. What sets me apart is my years of experience, my in depth knowledge of real estate issues and solutions and a firm belief that there is a unique solution to whatever real estate challenge you may have.

One call to me, and I think that you will be convinced that I should be on the shortlist of who you talk to. Please call me at (209)481-7780 and I will talk to you personally or visit my website at http://www.IBuyHousesStockton.com. Either way my service is free and my advice may be just what you need to finally resolve that house or other real estate problem that keeps you up at night.


We Buy Houses Without Inspections Stockton (209)481-7780
Video Transcription

Peter Westbrook: Hello. My name is Peter Westbrook with Westbrook Real Estate Investments. I’m standing at the front of the house that I purchased. It’s a three bedroom, two bath. Of course, when I buy houses, I don’t do them with any inspections or any contingencies for inspections. I buy the houses as is in their current condition. Of course, you can see this is tented right now. What we have is … There was a termite inspection and it was determined that there were actually dry wood termites in this house. The fumigation cost is $1,800. Now, if you have a home that is in disrepair and you know there’s dry rot and there’s wet spots in the house either because of a bathroom leaking, whatever, you could be pretty sure that there are termites and that there’s a cost associated with repairing that house.

Peter Westbrook: I am a real estate investor in Stockton, Sacramento, and Modesto. I buy these types of houses and I would love to make you an offer. If you have a house that is in disrepair or a house that needs a lot of work and you just don’t know what to do with it, I would love to talk to you. My phone number is 209-481-7780. Again, my name is Peter Westbrook. Thank you for watching.

Peter Westbrook

Peter Westbrook is a local Cash Home Buyer / Real Estate Investor in Stockton, Sacramento and Modesto CA and Tulsa Oklahoma. He has written numerous real estate articles that have been published here and by other blog and news outlets. Peter has appeared on several local and national news reports regarding the state of the Stockton and Sacramento Real Estate Markets.

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