My House Has Code Violations Stockton?

  Yikes!!! Code Violations are nothing new in any community. Whether you live in the city or an unincorporated area of Stockton, Sacramento or Modesto, code enforcement is there to police the neighborhood and every once and a while they’ll even eye the condition of your property to make sure that it does not extend … Continued

7 Real Estate Buying Contingencies Explained

It All Starts with an Offer. So, you have offers, counter offers, contingencies and contracts… what do they all mean? Real estate has 12 to 15 page Purchase and Sale Agreements with a 2 page form for one thing and a 6 page form for another thing and on the back end of every transaction … Continued

Who’s Behind the Sign, We Buy Houses Stockton?

Love them or hate them, Bandit Signs work. They are purely a real estate phenomenon born out of the great recession and are aptly named for the Plastic We Buy Houses Signs that have dotted telephone poles in cities across the country. Aptly named because they are pretty much illegal everywhere. In Stockton, they come … Continued