How Much is Your Sacramento Home Worth?

Whether you are selling with a real estate agent or straight out to an investor, it’s important to know how much you might get from the sale of your home. As a real estate investor throughout Sacramento, Modesto and Stockton, I pay close attention to the market to make sure that all of my sellers receive fair market value without having to pay a real estate agent’s commission or do anything to the house.How Much is Your Sacramento Home Worth?

Currently, the median sales price, not the list price but the sales price, of a home in Sacramento is $280,000. This comes in at about $215 per square foot. Now, this is the median price. This is not the average. The median is right in the middle. It is the most common price but of course, half of the homes for sale are over $280,000 and a half are under that. Condition, location, and features all play major roles and how much your Sacramento home is worth.

Prices have been increasing since March, where they were the lowest since June of last year. We are in technically a hot seller’s market but that’s also for homes that are in good condition and that show well. Of course, all the homes for sale on national real estate websites will be listed with a real estate agent or in the local MLS. This alone costs money. Even if you plan on listing the home yourself and trying to sell it, many buyers will want to have a home inspection or even have their own buyers agent to facilitate the transaction, which means you will still have to pay some type of commission.

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If you’re selling to an investor such as myself, we take homes in as-is condition. There’s no need to clear the home, fix up the home or perform any repairs. I give you an offer of what your home is currently worth in its current condition.

The median home value for Sacramento is about $293,000 but again, that’s right in the middle. Smaller homes, homes in less than desirable school districts are communities, the condition of the home or other factors can definitely play a role in how much you can get for the house. (prices are for May 2017 and may be different in the future)

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Sacramento is a hot real estate market but it also depends on the type of house and where you are located. Because I specialize in buying homes with cash and since I don’t require a home inspection or changes of any kind, you can walk away from the home free and clear within just a couple of weeks. It’s a lot easier and less expensive in the long run. Choosing to fix up the home, putting money into repairs or remodels and then spending the money to hire a real estate agent to market and sell the house, may actually lose you money. You spend more money in doing all those additional things than simply taking an offer from an investor outright.

So, contact me today to find out exactly what your Sacramento home is worth and how much I’d be willing to pay you today.

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