PROJECT 1: 1835 E 8th St Stockton CA

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1835 E 8th St Stockton After
This 2 Bedroom 1 Bath House was Completely Remodeled and with a Permit to to an Addition the house is now a 4 Bedroom 2 Bath 1,238 SqFt Home.

We purchased 1835 E 8th St, Stockton CA knowing the challenges would quickly reveal themselves. We were not dealing with a typical House that we could isolate and deal with out side the public domain. There were already four different County Agencies involved with the house since the fire had consumed the garage and back half of this small house.

As a result the house was a target and the County was watching every one of our moves and we needed to make sure that no matter what we did we had to paid attention to the details and satisfy each of the agencies requirements.

Before the fire the house was a 2 bedroom 1 bath with 743 square feet and was built in 1945. The House had numerous deferred maintenance issues including, a collapsing roof and front porch,the  electrical had been stripped, the copper plumbing stolen, the sewer connection was broken and never reconnected to city services, it had deteriorated siding and the substructure was collapsing with termite infestation just to name a few. Although the owner had tried to maintain the property, and planned to remodel and eventually rent it out he could not keep up with the cost of the maintenance and the ongoing vandalism that beset the property. After years of dealing with code violations, the cleanup and their fines and fees the last straw was a break-in and fire that was deliberately set by a vagrant.

Remodel Concerns:

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With Extensive Fire Damage The Health Department Demanded a Clean up

We all know the old adage that where there is smoke there is fire but what is more destructive than both of those is the water that is sure to follow.

the issue was no longer keeping up with all of the repairs and maintenance it was now saddled with a health Department order to fix the house or bulldoze it.  They wanted the problem gone. Neighbors were complaining and the property had turned into a problem for everyone concerned.

Upon taking possession we convinced the County code enforcement and health departments to abate any more fines and fees until we could submit a plan for the cleanup and repairs. In the process the County approved the sale by transferring all code enforcement and health code violations to us.


In today’s construction world all all houses are targets for thieves and vandals. Our main concern was maintaining the ability to secure the house as well as the property. With a 6 foot chain link fence in place we were able to secure the property to keep the undesirables out.

Within 24 hours of closing we started the cleanup and demolition process and submitted the required dumping and recycling plan to the County. We had already had plans drawn for a proposed remodel and addition and needed to submit it for approval.

Within one week of the closing we submitted our plans and blue prints to the county for approval of a remodel & addition building permit adding 495 square feet to the existing structure plus an attached 2 car garage.

The plans were approved in a matter of three weeks and the construction phase of the project began.


Once we took ownership of the property and had plan approval we invested heavily into the clean up and renovating the property and converted the once 2 Bedroom 1 bath home into a 4 Bedroom 2 Bath home.




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